~ We recognize that each event is as unique as the person who organizes it ~


That’s why we provide 3 distinct kinds of staff to ensure that your needs are met.


~ One measure of leadership is the caliber of people who choose to follow you~

It is no secret that our supervisors are our foundation. Each supervisor is a seasoned veteran in the industry, and possesses all the skills of a high end sever/bartender, along with the know how to wear many hats – be it onsite event décor, or last minute kitchen prep. Our Supervisors act as a liaison between our staff, our office, your team, your clients and your guests. If you only require one staff member for your event, please select a supervisor from our request form, as they are our “first line” of service


~Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success~

A good team is held together by great players – and our servers are the glue that make us work. Each server is well versed in all the elements of fine dining, be it mis en place, buffet style service, passed hors d’ouevres or speedy bussing to ensure the space is kept in tip top order.  There is nothing quite like having an attentive server who notices when your drink is almost empty, or remembers a food allergy/preference amongst a sea of other guests.  Our servers bring the personalized service to each and every event that our clients have come to know and love.


~ In ancient Rome a piece of toasted bread was dropped into wine to wish one good health – which is how we obtained the term for a “toast”~

Our bartenders are the cherry on top of a well executed event.  One part mixologist, one part public relations ambassador, a good bartender is often the lifeblood of a party, and the hub of an event. Our bartenders have developed their palates to distinguish different flavours, which in turn gives them the ability to mix those flavors in such harmony that it results in a beautiful cocktail every time.  Well versed in everything from 5 person to 5000 person service – our bartenders are quick under pressure, efficient, approachable, and Smart Serve® Certified. So raise your glass!