Ahhh yes – that hallowed word – the compensation paid out to you, our team, for the trouble it takes to get safely to AND from out of town shifts. It was brought to our attention last year that the travel time ratios weren’t always well split between drivers and passengers – and our drivers are the ones doing the real legwork for the team so we are now applying a universal travel time formula that is this: Drivers receive FULL travel time allotment to a location – and passengers get half.  Passenger travel time will only kick in from the 1/2 hour mark and up – so if travel time to a location is 1/2 hour each way the drivers take the TT and passengers do not. If travel time is 1 hour each way the drivers get 1 hour and each way and passengers get 1/2. And so on and so forth.


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Info for Drivers re: Passenger Pick up and Drop off

While our MAIN pickup and drop off location is Timothy’s (Church and Alexander) because it is central, in a safe(r) neighbourhood, and located near the downtown Core so if staff are dropped here late at night they can easily catch a cab or walk home (many of our staff live downtown)

We have been making exceptions for some northern pickups at York Mills Shell Gas Station (Yonge and York Mills) and Finch Station Kiss and Ride, and a western pickup at either Royal York Subway station or Lslington Kiss and Ride.  These locations are as much about accessibility for the team as they are about getting you all meeting at a place that is in closer proximity to the job you’re headed to.

HOWEVER – it has recently come to our attention that some drivers are insisting on taking staff back to these remote locations when doing late night drop offs – which is NOT SAFE.

if the subway is still running, by all means drop your team back where you picked them up – however it has always been common courtesy amongst our driver team to take our colleagues who live closer to where each driver lives back to their approximate neighbourhood at the end of the job, rather than abandoning them on a dark street corner in front of a closed subway station. If this extra 10-15 minutes you have to go out of your way as a driver to get them somewhere central (eg. Yonge and Bloor even) prevents even ONE of our staff getting mugged, harrassed, menaced or worse, then this is WORTH IT to us here in office – and we will happily add that additional time on your travel time bill. Just shoot us an email to let us know you went that “extra mile” and we’ll happily approve it.

Please keep safety in mind at all times team – your colleagues are putting their lives in your (very capable) hands when we ask you to drive, so at the end of the night please be sure to get everyone back to a central location where they can safely make it back home.