Post Event Follow Up Procedures for Supervisors/Solo Staffers

As a reminder plead be sure that you always follow up with the Event Planner whom you are running an event for (if they are not onsite with you) upon completion of their event.

It is essential that this post event follow happens, so that the planner can go back to their client equipped with the knowledge of the event execution so that they can properly finalize the tail end of their portion of service.

Some of our supers have developed a great procedure – they often cc the client on their signouts to the office, ad give us all a well worded [client appropriate] breakdown of the event (eg. “Mary was happy and her guests were delighted at the food and service. A vase was broken during teardown but all was cleaned up and Mary was understanding – food was left packaged in the fridge and rentals stacked in the garage. Sign off 10PM) as she signs out. NO VENTING of course – send that to office in private email please. 

Going forward , all supers please endeavour to do the same across the board. That way is anyone (client, Steven, etc.) asks us how a particular event went, we’re kept in the loop as well as your designated event planner.