Download a copy of the “staff invoice template” (above), save yourself a copy, and then fill it out including your FULL address and name in the yellow areas at the top.  Starting rate of pay is $17/hour and if you have filled everything in correctly it will add up your shifts and total everything for you.


When filling out your hours, under the “Details” column please place the job details (the address of the event or the venue you worked at).  Under the “Caterer” column, please place the name of the catering company you worked with that day (eg. Daniel et Daniel [D&D for short] Presidential Gourmet [PG for short] or if there was no catering company onsite, write “In House”).  Under the “Hours” column, please place your start time, and finish time. Under the “Total” column, please place the total hours worked, expressed as a decimal. An hour divides into 4 parts, so 15 minutes worked is expressed as 0.25 hours, 30 minutes worked is expressed as 0.50 hours, 45 minutes worked is expressed as 0.75 hours, and 1 hour worked is expressed as 1 hour, etc.


Additionally, we have a 4 hour minimum for all shifts, so if you are on a shift that lasts less than 4 hours please do invoice us for 4 (unless of course you are late, at which point the 4 hour minimum would not apply to that shift.)


Send us a copy of each month’s invoice as an attachment in an email by the 5th of the following month.


You have the option to sign up for Direct Deposit or to receive your payment via cheque. Cheques get processed and mailed out on the 18th of every month. If you are on Direct Deposit, your payment will be processed on the 25th of every month and takes between 2-4 to business days to deposit into your account (depending on your bank).


Late invoices will be rolled over into the next month’s payroll, and invoices submitted more than 6 months past the event date will be considered stale dated.








Were you told to take a taxi/uber to an event by us? Did you have to grab ice during a shift for a client? Need to be reimbursed for an approved expense by Core?


Please be sure to submit all Expenses (ie. travel and miscellaneous items) by filling out the CORE STAFF EXPENSE REIMBURSEMENT FORM - 2018. In order to receive the reimbursement, you must fill out the form and send it in with your invoice by the 5th of the month.